Internal harddisk for EX5

  This document is meant to help everyone willing to install the internal harddisk for Yamaha EX5.
  It's quite easy when you know what you are doing, but you can damage EX5 and/or HD permanently
  if you dont!!

  Required before installation:

  • ASIB1 SCSI interface.
  • Two power cables (named A and B in this document)  [included in ASIB1].
  • Harddisk power cable [not included in ASIB1].
  • SCSI-cable (~70 cm).
  • Harddisk (with proper SCSI termination).
  • Frame for harddisk.
  • Screws to install the frame.
(For additional info, please check Michael Gerber's document "Internal harddisk for EX5R".)

 1. Power cable



  The power supply inside the EX5 can provide both the reguired 12V & 5V. Unfortunately there is no
  existing power cable for harddisk, so special cable have to be done to get the power for HD.

  Figures 1-3 shows the needed cabels.

  Figures 4-6 illustrates how to connect those cables together.

 2. Harddisk frame


  Figure 7. Because there is no any suitable stands or racks where to install the
  HD but only a free space, a harddisk frame is needed. The only requirements
  are that it's small enough to fit in its place and that there is possible to drill holes
  where to get it connected to the EX5.


 3. Installing the harddisk


  Figure 8. To open the EX5 it's have to be turned over. When cover is removed
  the power supply can be easily located. From the side of it there is enough
  room to install the harddisk.


  Figure 9 shows the connectors in the power supply where to connect the
  own power cable. It also shows where to find  the internal SCSI  connector
  (in ASIB1).


  Figure 10 illustrates the installation of HD-frame. HD-frame is screwed to it's
  place in one side. Cable tie is used in the other side.


  Figure 11. Before connecting the own power cable one of the existing connectors
  must be detached. There is only two connected wires so using the other two that
  are unconnected makes it possible to get the needed 12V.  For 5V there is a free


  Figure 12.  The  ASIB1 internal SCSI connector and HD are connected using
  long SCSI cable.

 4. Formatting the harddisk


  Figure 13. After selecting the right device (HD0, if SCSI id 0) and formatting, the
  harddisk is ready to use!!

(c) Juha Forsten, [28 Jun 1999]