1.    Harddisk benchmarks

- File type: .S1M  (Samples)

- File size: 980 kByte

- Harddisk: IBM Ultrastar 9ES DDRS-34560 (4.5 GByte)


Time to load file

Time to save file

Floppy drive

2 min 12 s

3 min 51 s


43 s

23 s


34 s

23 s


28 s

18 s

Tiny Wave Editor

22 s

15 s

Comparison harddisk/floppy:

- Loading a file is 4.7 times faster

- Saving a file is 12.8 times faster !

Comparison harddisk/jaz:

- Loading a file is 1.2 times faster

- Saving a file is 1.3 times faster

The transfer rate is not an argument to chose an internal jaz drive instead of a harddisk but a hd is cheaper, more silent, you can keep your internal floppy and if you perform live nobody can steal you the exchangeable medium during the pause!

I hope you will be successful and that these Information help to improve the data handling of your EX.